TRIP 4 :



  • Guided
  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Rafting

40 mile guided pack pack tour from Anaktuvuk Pass to The Gates Of the Arctic then a 75 mile raft trip to Bettles via the Koyukuk River.

This trip lasts approximately 7 days backpacking and and 6-7 days rafting back to Bettles Field Alaska, and is one of the longest prime wilderness tours on the colorful tundra-covered northern slopes of the central Brooks Range.

This two-week adventure begins at the most inland arctic Eskimo village in Alaska, Anaktuvuk Pass. It is snuggled at about 3,000 ft. elevation on the northern slopes of the Brooks Range.

Let nature and our superb guide direct you into the huge arctic corridor that leads upriver across the Arctic Divide to Ernie Pass. Then following the south flowing waters into the Valley of Precipices (named by explorer Robert Marshall, author of "Alaska Wilderness"), cross the shallow waters of the Koyukuk River and see the alluring beauty of Mt: Doonerak. Follow animal trails and jade-filled creek beds to the base of Mt. Boreal where your raft trip will begin down the Koyukuk River.

During the raft trip, our experienced guide will point out geological interests and mining and trapping areas along the way. Follow the main channel of the pure waters of the Koyukuk to Bettles.

Lodging is available in Bettles (not included in trip price) until Your local flight is scheduled back to Fairbanks. Bettles is a thriving village and FAA station, the melting pot for adventure-seekers from all over the world who wish to experience a trip of a lifetime in the arctic Brooks Range.


$3,500.00 per person  ( guided )


  • This tours begin on June 20th, July 18th, August 10th.
  • Trip begins in Anaktuvuk Pass. 
  • Client must provide own food and personal camping gear and Alaska fishing licenses.
  • Upon booking a trip with Alaska Fish and Trails we'll make your reservations from Fairbanks to Bettles or Anaktuvuk pass Alaska for your starting point.
  • You are monetarily responsible for this flight.
  • From here you will take a bush flight, with Alaska Fish and Trails to your designated trip location.
  • Bush flight from Bettles to your starting point  by Alaska Fish and Trails Unlimited is free.
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